Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tool #8

I really like that the netbooks are smaller than normal laptop. I think that it is necessary for middle schoolers. What I found to be so great about the iPads and iPod touches is that you don't have to synch them with the computer to get something onto there, you can do it from the store by entering your id. For management of the materials, I will have a log. To check a piece of technology out, out must sign in, give me something of yours as collateral, and when you return it in its proper condition, you will get your item back. At the end of every class, it will be a student job to double check the technology before anyone can leave the class. The log is important because it lets you see who used what in the case of damage or error, and the student job helps because you have already checked it, but it is a student keeping the other students accountable at this point. Always a plus!

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